In the summer of 2010, I interned at Lowe’s corporate headquarters as the IT Strategy Intern.  I performed extensive research on retail mobility, through primary research on an iPad, Droid, and iPhone, and also by utilizing Gartner and Forrester resources.  

I developed the first comprehensive mobile strategy for Lowe's which included:
  • Industry needs and market research 
  • Customer and employee-facing mobile application ideas
  • Roadmap to converting the Lowe's website to a mobile-friendly interface   
  • Mobile advertising 

I presented the final product to the CIO and VPs of the IT department at Lowe’s in an “Emerging Technologies” seminar.  I also researched innovation methods and constructed a new process for innovation at Lowe’s, using IBM’s Innovation Jam as a platform.  The work I did in the IT department of this Fortune 50 company provided me with a great deal of knowledge related to advertising, project design, and the expansive field of mobile marketing.