I am currently seeking marketing opportunities in the Baltimore area.      

My specialties include: 
  • Search engine optimization
  • User experience, conversion optimization
  • Marketing analytics
  • E-commerce, online marketing
  • Mobile, business and IT strategy 
  • Market research
My short term goals include becoming Google Analytics certified and to complete a UX course on Udemy.com.  I will continue to develop my skills and master a variety of marketing strategies.  I will attend conferences and training to ensure my performance is constantly improving and I remain at the forefront of innovation and technology.  I will be challenged and produce work that makes a difference.  

In the longer term, I will rise to a management position and contribute to the ongoing success of my company.  I will utilize my leadership skills to foster a motivating and challenging environment and breed a sense of teamwork.  

If I sound like a good fit for your organization, please contact me.