"I had the pleasure of managing and working with Lisa Foreman over the last year at StraighterLine. Lisa is a wonderful person and an even better employee. She is a very dedicated, detail-oriented worker with the ability to tackle any size project or problem. She is a great multi-tasker, possesses the ability to take direction from others and works well without constant supervision. 

Under my direction at StraighterLine, Lisa had to wear many hats; completing several projects while working with stakeholders across the business unit. At all times Lisa was professional, had a thorough understanding of her assignments and always went above and beyond what she was tasked to do. 

Most importantly, Lisa is a positive influence in the workplace. She works well with others and in a position of leadership, she is not afraid to lead the group. Overall Lisa is a well-rounded person and a true asset to any company. If I was starting a business, Lisa would be one of the first employee’s I would hire."

- Christina Babylon
Marketing Director

“Lisa is a simply delightful person to be around. She has an infectious laugh, a wonderful ability to empathize with others, and a joy that permeates her environment. 

I first got to know Lisa through her involvement with College Park Scholars Student Advisory Board (SAB), since I served as an advisor to this elite group of students. Lisa was a confident and enthusiastic guide for her peers. As a rising sophomore, Lisa organized and implemented the second annual Scholars Semi-formal Dance. She took her role modeling responsibilities seriously, was very effective in meetings and group environments, and was an excellent team player. 

In 2008, Scholars Central staff selected Lisa as a student representatives to the Wakonse Conference on College Teaching. One of fewer than 20 student attendees overall, Lisa was a voice and model example of undergraduate students nationwide to the 150 faculty attendees from participating universities. 

Also, Lisa served as the Undergraduate Coordinator for Alumni Relations in College Park Scholars. From working in the same office as Lisa, I know she can be plugged into nearly any team and will flourish, bringing leadership, passion and energy. She provided invaluable leadership in planning the annual Scholars in New York trip. In collaboration with her peers, she helped manage the logistics of a trip of over 350 participants. Frequently, other students looked to Lisa for guidance for completing projects and organizing events. As her former SAB advisor and co-worker in the Scholars Peer Initiatives office, I perceive Lisa to be organized, determined, autonomous, and intelligent. She has a strong work ethic, the ability to care for others, and desire to be successful. 

What I most admire about Lisa is her persistent and impassioned commitment to bettering her environment – both locally and globally. Lisa was a founding member of VegTerps (promoting vegetarian and vegan lifestyles), and she served as the group’s vice president and president. I know she influenced many people to think about their personal decisions - including me. Lisa is a wonderful colleague and friend; I'd be happy to work with her again!”

- Marybeth Drechsler Sharp
Interim Executive Director
Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS)