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Founding Activism

My animal welfare activism flourished when I arrived on campus.  A lifelong vegetarian, I made the jump to veganism my freshman year.  I co-founded the first animal rights club on our campus, VegTerps.  

After two semesters, I was elected President, where I: 

  • Led a campaign to remove McDonald’s from campus
  • Held vegan bake sales
  • Distributed literature
  • Organized documentary screenings
  • Coordinated volunteer events
  • Served as the liaison between our group and other animal rights organizations
  • Brought speakers to campus, including PETA's VP of Public Policy 
  • Ultimately refined the mission and direction of the club

I became diplomatic and a humbled leader.  

Our club made a splash quickly- we started in late August 2009 and by September 2009, the student newspaper published an article featuring our efforts to remove McDonald's from campus.  This was just the first of many spotlights on our work.  

Below is one of the flyers I produced independently to advertise a successful event.